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All Day Fencig contractors, custom gates and automation

 All Day Fencing Contractors, Gates and Automation

Fencing and gates can be constructed from many different materials including timber, brick, steel, iron, brushwood, glass, stone even natural planting or prefabricated materials. For some, fences are a matter of art and there are no limitations on the materials or styles that can be used.

Natural Bush Fencing

Natural Bush Fencing

All Day Fencing have published a comprehensive website containing many styles of fencing and gates including, picket fences, panelling, paling fencing, horizontal slat screens and fences, cedar fencing, automatic custom gates and retaining walls.

For those who like to do it themselves we have assembled a range of DIY plans and construction guides. At our website,

Beautiful Timber Horizontal Slat Fencing and Screens

Horizontal Slat Screen

you will also find information on legal requirements for fencing, fence laws, neighbour dispute resolution services, swimming pool fence regulations and much more.

Picket fence incorporating an entrance arbor

Add value to your home!

  Whether you needs are decorative, security, sound insulation, retaining, wind or fire protection, All Day Fencing can provide the perfect solution!

Visit to view our designs and DIY plans and guides!

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