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Slat screen fencing provides privacy while retaining good looks. Available in a range of timbers and sizes,
slat screen fences can be stained or painted. Slat screen panels are ideal for use both as internal and external
features and can be fitted to pergolas, gazebo’s, decks or wherever you might imagine.

Build your own Horizontal Slat Screens, Gates and Fences

DIY Guide to Slat Fences

Slats are available in three common sizes, 42mm 66mm and 92mm wide. Other sizes can be custom made. The most common timbers for slat fencing is the treated and primed timber for painting, and the Western Red Cedar for the natural timber look. If you want to build it yourself please download the ‘Guide To¬† Slat Screen Fencing’ from our website, The guide includes plans, illustrations, pictures, tips from the experts and an easy to follow step by step guide for handymen and tradesmen alike!


Slat Gates can be lined on one side (single sided) or both sides (double sided). Single sided slat gates are 43mm thick including the frame. Double sided gates are 60mm thick.

For more information please view our website

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