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How high can I build my fence?How high can I build my fence?How high can I build my fencing?

After careful research it seems the height of the fence is limited to 6′ (1.8m). This applies to the side fencing behind the building line and the rear fence. The height of 1.8m is taken from the side of the fence that has the higher ground level.   

The side fence in front of the building line, and the front fence is limited to 4′ (1.2m) in most cases. Some areas have existing fences that exceed these measurements. In this case it is reasonable to assume that you would be allowed to build a fence to the same height as your neighbors, or what is most common in your street.

How high can I build my fence?For side and rear fences various privacy concerns may come into play. If you have a problem with the fence not offering sufficient privacy from neighboring windows you may wish to build your fence higher than 6′. In most cases you can speak to your neighbor and agree on a higher fence to protect the privacy of both parties. Privacy is a two way concern, if you find you have a privacy problem, your neighbor probably feels the same.

If in the event that you cannot agree with your neighbour regarding the fence height the simplest solution is to plant a natural fence or privacy screen using hedging plants. You can also ecourage the growth on top of the fence with trellis or wire supports.

Replacing an existing fence. You do not need to seek prior approval from the local council to replace a fence of the same size and built using similar materials. If you wish to replace a fence with a higher structure you should seek advice from your local council.

View various fence designs and privacy screens here..

Some counties do not allow fencing in front of the building line. This is designed to protect open areas. Please check with your local county authority before proceeding. Check on the guidelines for your local county here…

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