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County Swimming Pool LawsCounty Swimming Pool Fence LawsLocal counties control the guidelines and consent for swimming pool fencing. Various materials and designs must comply with county requirements on safety.

Generally, pool fencing and gates must be at least 4′ (1.2m) high from the outside ground level, and can contain no foot holds. Gates must be fitted including approved child safety catches. Vertical picket fences must only have a top and bottom rail and the pickets must be spaced no further apart than 4″ (110mm).
County Swimming Pool Fence Laws
Do I need a pool fence? This used to depend on when your pool was built.

All swimming pools no matter what age MUST have a child-proof and secure pool fence and gate/s.

The fence and gate must be a child resistant pool fence that complies with the local Standard for “Fences and Gates for Swimming Pools”.

Tubular aluminium, treated wood, steel and glass make the best pool fences although any sturdy structure that satifies the conditions and regulations can be used

For more information  and for links to your state swimming pool laws:

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