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Question: Do I have to pay for half the cost of my neighbors new fence?…

All Day Fencing - Fencing Gates & Automation    Answer: This depends on the fence.

If your exisiting fence is in disrepair and requires replacement, you are liable for half the cost of the fence work if you are replacing the fence with a similar fence. more information

Dividing Fence CodesIf however your neighbor wants to replace the fence with a more expensive fence, you are only liable for half the cost of replacing the fence you have with a similar one.

You are not required to pay for fencing if it is not in need of replacement unless you have an agreement with your neighbor.Do I have to pay for my neighbors fence?

Some blocks of land may have their own positive building covenants which require the erection of quite specific fencing.  This might occur in a new estate where the developer is trying to achieve a consistent look to the overall design.Who pays for boundary fencing?

Most commonly, a covenant in relation to fencing will be one put on by the developer, stating that the owner can’t ask the developer to contribute to the cost. The general rule with dividing fences is that the neighbors split the cost 50/50.  If both neighbors can agree on the location, style and cost, then they can simply proceed.  It is, however, desirable to record the agreement in writing. 

Download “Letters To Serve Your Neighbors RE: FENCING” and cut and paste the letters you require to notify your neighbors of your intentions and their responsibilities in regard to your boundary fencing.

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