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Question: My land is located next to a park. The boundary fence between my house and the park is falling apart and I want to replace it with a new wood fence. How do I get the County Office to pay for their half?

All Day Fencing - visit our website!Answer: According to the Dividing Fences ACT, State land is exempt from contributions towards fencing. Even if the fence was originally built by the state government any fence that borders public land is wholly the owners responsibility.

Normal fencing codes apply to the height and style of fencing. If you are replacing a fence with a similar one no approval is required. If you are raising the height or changing the style of your fence you need to seek local county approval.All Day Fencing - visit our website

The Dividing Fences ACT

Does the Dividing Fences Act apply to everyone?

No. The Act does not bind the Crown, so where the adjoining land is owned by the Commonwealth, state or a local government and is used for public purposes (for example, All Day Fencing - Automatic driveway gatesroads parks or government offices) the local government or state government department is not required to contribute to the costs of erecting or maintaining a dividing fence.

All Day Fencing - Agencies AvailableThe Act does not interfere with agreements, contracts or covenants relating to dividing fences between owners of adjoining land. It may be worth checking your Certificate of Title or with the Department of Land Information to enquire whether there are any covenants relating to dividing fences between you and adjoining landowners. Any agreement, contract or covenant relating to dividing fences overrides the Act. View more information at:

To view the different fence styles available please visit:

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