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Article by Richard Berckleman Master builder, Real Estate Sales.


Improve the sale price of your home!It is true to say that people judge a book by its cover yet when looking for ways to improve the chances of selling your home most people look at internal renovations or upgrading the bathrooms and kitchens. Home owners can often spend a fortune on things that do not improve the street appeal of a home. Whats the point of having a great kitchen if you can’t get the client inside to view it?

If you want to sell your home you need to look at it as a potential client would!

The first thing a purchaser does when seeking out a property is to look at internet or newspaper listings for properties for sale. The first impression a customer gets is from the photographs of the home. They look at the internal photos but the ultimate decider is the3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home! overall appeal of the property.

When a client comes into the office to look for a property, they are searching for specific conditions such as 3 bedrooms, 2 story, garaging etc… but when they inspect the property other things far more important to them come into consideration.

So 3 BIG tips? What Are They?

1. Privacy,

3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home!Privacy is most important. The home may be beautiful inside but if overlooked by surrounding developments the private space of the home is reduced. Maybe the neighbors windows look straight into the home, maybe you feel like you are being watched no matter where you are in the house.

2. Security.

3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home!The home may offer everything you want except you have the feeling of being exposed because the home does not have adequate security. You may feel exposed to the threat of intruders or it may be that your concerns are the security of your children or pets.

3. Street Appeal

3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home!All clients ask to see the street frontage of the property before considering the internal layout. Sure clients want come into the office and ask for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a garage but when they are considering which homes to view, it’s the street appeal of the property that gets them through the front door.

You can’t sell a home if you can’t get the clients in the door to inspect it!!!

So what would I do? Firstly, adding privacy screens and raising fence heights in selected areas to increase privacy. If overlooked from above it is best to add a pergola or outdoor covered space. If your fences are at a maximum height as allowed by the state fencing codes add a natural hedge plant or wire and vines to increase your privacy. Privacy is the number 1 reason people feel uncomfortable in a new property.

This guide to designing and building your own fencing and gates has all the information you need to make a huge difference to your home and sale values. It even contains links to the local county fence codes and a collection of letters to send your neighbors.

Security is a major issue. Some people can observe and overcome security problems but most clients feel uncomfortable in the property but can’t explain why. If you have young children your major concerns would be their welfare and security. May security issues are raised by lack of privacy so curing privacy issues can go a long way toward making your potential sale successful!

Street appeal is the magic that attracts people to fall in love with a property. It may be character filled heritage homes or super modern developments but in all cases it is the street appeal that Add street appeal and sell your home for more!helps get the clients into your home!

I have driven many clients to view properties and in some cases the client will pass up the opportunity of viewing the home based on their impression from the street! They don’t even leave the car even though the property offers all the required items the customer has requested!

Street appeal is a personal thing. Some homes are just plain ugly and have little appeal. So wh3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home!at is the secret to dramatically improve the street appeal or presentation of your property?

The secret to dramatically changing the street appeal of your property, while at the same time improving or curing privacy and security concerns is to change or install new fencing, screens and gates. Fencing and gates cost considerably less than kitchen or bathroom renovations and will dramatically improve your sale price.

Fencing and gates can improve the street appeal, privacy and security of your property cheaply and quickly. Plus most handymen can build decorative wooden fences and gates themselves and save a fortune!

3 Tips + 1 Secret to help sell your home!For more information view the articles below on fencing, screens and gate improvements for your home, plus links to DIY plans!

Driveway gates are the entrance to your property and a well designed and made feature gate will transform the street appeal of your home and values!

You can change the appearance of your home quickly and economically by changing your fencing and gates!

Modernise your home with horizontal timber slat fencing and screens or renovate your period home with decorative timber picket fencing!

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750 Fence & Gate Designs – The Ultimate Guide To Fencing!

How to install an auto sliding gateInstall your own automatic sliding gate easily in just one weekend! Install an automatic driveway gate If you are constructing your own gate please download the Gate Construction Guide and DIY Plans at:

Sliding gates require a base for the track to sit on. The base can be constructed out of concrete. Excavate a footing for the concrete 200mm deep and 150mm wide. Lay some reinforcement steel in the trench and concrete to the level required. As concrete shrinks when it sets it is advisable to let the concrete set then bed you track down using a wet mix of sand and cement. Fix the track with concrete approval bolts.

The track must run for the full length of the gate plus the opening length. Sliding gates that are going to be automated should be 16″ (400mm) longer than the opening. This is to allow room for the motor.

How to install an automatic sliding driveway gateWhen construction your gate frame you will need to recess two rollers at the bottom of the frame about 18″ (450mm) in from each end. Inch and a half (40mm) square steel section is advised for the frame with a 6″ x 1.5″ (140mm x 40mm) bottom rail to allow for the rollers and gear rack.  If you intend to fix vertical wood pickets or panels than your frame will need a midrail. If you are fixing horizontal wood slats or boards, you will need vertical members in the frame at around 2′ (600mm) centers. To hold the top of the gate you will require a double roller and bracket setup as shown. Fix the roller bracket to the side fence post above the motor. How to install an auto sliding gate View 100’s of gate designs here…

Several gate motor kits are available. Fix the motor to a concrete pad and position it so the gear wheel faces the gate. Screw the gear rack to the bottom rail of the gate so the gears How to install a sliding auto gateinterlock. Most auto gate systems come with self programming features which enable the motor to learn the start and stop points.

There is no need for a stop or lock a the electric gate motor will hold the gate firmly in position. Most systems are suitable for heavy and light gates up to 350kg and 4.5m wide without a lock or How to install an automatic sliding gateup to 6m with the use of a lock, the gates will slow down at the end of opening/closing operation avoiding loud noises and maximising durability, and, once the gate is closed it How to install an automatice sliding gatecan’t be pushed open by intruders!

Most gate motors come with accessories such as movement sensors, external aerials, keypads etc. To view a common automatic sliding gate setup and wiring options view here:

For more information and/or to view pictures and past projects please visit our website at