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All Day fencing  - visit our websiteAll Day Fencing - visit our websiteLooking to improve the street appeal of your home for the least cost? Decorative fencing and gates can make a dramatic change to the appearance of your home. Modernise your home with horizontal Entrance Aror - build your own!wood slat fencing and screens or restore your home with traditional wood picket fences and gates.

Are you thinking of selling your home? New fencing and gates can address issues such as noise, privacy, security, wind or fire protection and other concerns that may be preventing you from reaching the right price for your home.

Incorporate a decorative wood entrance arbor (pergola) into your front fence or garden. Easy to build and they look great as a feature in your garden.

You can include gates or letter boxes in the design and even a solid roof if protection from the weather Decorative wood arbor, pergolais required.

An entrance arbor can improve the privacy to your property. Use an electronic lock and intercom for your visitors. Keeps out unwanted guests!

Arbors are buBuild a decorative wood arbor pergolailt using LOSP treated wood available through your local lumberyard.

The All Day Fencing ‘Guide to building Arbors’ describes in detail how to construct your own. The book contains designs and suggested materials. There is also a link to the spantables for wood so you know what size to use. The guide also contains plans, illustrations and a step by step guide to construction.Build your own decorative wood arbor, pergola

For more information on building a decorative wood arbor (pergola) and other DIY guides view the All Day Fencing plan shop at

Other guides available include, pergolas, staircases, windows, doors, gates, fencing, and much more! View all guide books here…

All Day Fencing -visit our website!That depends on the look you want. Cedar has spectacular grain and when oiled or varnished it becomes a real feature. If you have cedar garage doors you may choose to match them with your fencing and gates.  Cedar is light, durable and beautiful! Ceadr fences and gates need to be oiled regularly or stained at least every 5 years. More if the fence and gates are exposed to the sun.

For lookCedar oil finishs, you can’t go past cedar but if you intend to paint your fencing and gates then treated wood is the best material.Cedar Screen

Treated wood is supplied dressed and primed ready for construction. With the increasing cost of quality durable timber, builders are rng more on pre-primed, LOSP-treated pine for exterior applications.

LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) consists of preservatives dissolved in solvent and impregnated into the timber to prevent rotting, giving the timber durability in above-ground exterior Gate made from treated woodapplications. LOSP pre-priming is designed to temporarily protect the timber from weather and UV degradation, as well as soiling during construction.LOSP treated wood information

LOSP pre-primed timber, by its appearance or by the description given to it by persons handling it, is often mistaken for properly primed timber ready for top-coating. LOSP pre-primers should not be confused with premium architectural primers which are crucial to the durability of a complete coating system.

information on treated timbers…

read the full treated timber Vs cedar, article…

All Day Fencing - visit our site for more project plans!Decorative wooden garden bridges make fantastic landscape features. Whether they are located over a stream or a pond, garden bridges offer a tranquil setting for your backyard. Easy to build in 2 days this is the perfect hobbie project for the weekend!

Build a decorative garden bridge!Download plans including a step by step guide to construction, material lists, tips from the experts, pictures and illustrations to get you building in no time!

Our our website you will find a comprehensive range of home projects that we have completed over the past few years. Visit Build your own decorative wood garden bridge!

Construction guides available include how to build: pergolas, staircases, entrance arbor, bookshelves, windows and doors, automatic gates, horizontal slat fencing, retaining walls, huts, gazebos and more! Our plans are copyright and only availabe from our website

Happy Building!!!

Build a decorative wood gazeboAll Day Fencing - visit our website for more plans and ideas!Build your own decorative wooden garden gazebos easily with our step by step guide aimed at the handyman and tradesman alike.

Simple Step by Step instructions with photos and illustrations to help. We also include ‘Tips from the experts’ to have you building like a pro in no time!

Gazebos make fantastic garden features and provide a cool sheltered place to sit. Gazebos can be roofed in many ways including tiles, steel sheets, shingles and even thatch! They can also be decorated by traditional wood shapes or contemporary designs.

If you have a large garden consider renovation your landscape with a decorative wooden gazebo as the centerpiece!All Day Fencing construction guides for the handyman

View all our designs at

We also have plans and DIY guides for other projects around the home including: pergolas, decks, fences, gates, windows and doors, built-in cupboards, roof repairs, entrance arbors, attic ladders, auto gates and much more!

 Visit to view all designs

All Day Fencing Swimming Pool Laws and RegulationsAll swimming pools no matter what age MUST have a child-proof and secure pool fence.

The fence and gate must be a child resistant pool fence that complies with US Standards “Fences and Gates for Swimming Pools”. You should contact your local county offices for further information on these standards. (links below)

Local counties control the guidelines and consent for swimming pool fencing. Various materials and designs must comply with county requirements on safety.County Swimming Pool Laws

Generally, pool fencing and gates must be at least 1.2m high from the outside ground level, and can contain no foot holds. Gates must be fitted including approved child safety catches. Picket fences should have no rails closer than 1.2m and must be spaced at less than 4″ (100mm). Pool gates must be fitted with a self closing child proof latch.

For more information refer to the following guide:

To view your local county swimming pool fence codes, all state links…

All Day Group free business listingAre you in the trades, home services industry? List your business FREE online and receive exclusive work leads for your preferred area (conditions apply). All Day Group home services, fencing and gates, trades and construction jobs.


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FREE LISTING: free trades listing construction

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Construction Jobs AvailableAll Day Fencing construction jobs availableAll Day fencing, Gates & Automation seek skilled tradesmen to install our range of fencing, gates and automation.

All Day Fencing seek multi talented tradesmen who can organise a team/s of workers to complete small jobs. If you are currently self employed, own your own tools and transport this is for you!

Applicants require good communication skills suitable for onsite quotations and appointments. Applicants will also require a home computer connected to the internet, to link to our office and receive work enquiries.

Check availability and register for an exclusive trading territory here:
For more information go to:

Dividing Fences ACT - click here...A dividing fence is a fence that separates the land of different owners whether the fence is on the common boundary of adjoining lands or on a line other than the common boundary. A dividing fence does not include a retaining wall.

A “sufficient fence” is:

a fence prescribed by a local government local law;
a fence of any standard agreed upon by adjoining owners provided that it does not fall below the standard rescribed by the relevant local government local law;
a substantial fence that is ordinarily capable of resisting the trespass of cattle and sheep; or
a fence determined by a Magistrate in a Magistrates Court to be a sufficient fence.

Note: A fence which accords with (c) or (d) is only a sufficient fence where no local law or agreement is made.Who pays for my boundary fencing?

Both you and your neighbor are liable for the maintenance of your dividing fencing 50/50. If you decide to erect a dividing fence of a higher standard than a sufficient fence without obtaining the agreement of the adjoining owner, you may only claim half the cost of erecting and maintaining a sufficient fence, as defined above. More information is available from the following sites;

Information on the Dividing Fences:

Information on neighbor disputes – fencing:

Information fence & gate laws:

Letters to serve your neighbors RE: FENCINGLetters to serve your neighbors RE: Fencing. Download our letters for your neighbors, cut and paste then send! Avoid expensive neighbor disputes and disagreements by informing your neighbors of your intentions and their responsibilities.

Wood privacy screens & fencingPrivacy screens can be constructed from most materials with timberWood privacy screens & fencing lattice or slat the most popular. They can be incorporated in deck design, as part of the fence structure or concreted straight into the ground. Decorative privacy screens can add usable space by enhancing visual appearance. Privacy screens are great for hiding garbage bin bays or anything that is unsightly, ugly or hazardous.

Wood privacy screens & fencingPrivacy screens can be constructed to many shapes and sizes. The most common being the lattice or horizontal slat screens. Fencing and gates can be constructed to match your privacy screens.

Horizontal screens: If using horizontal wood or aluminium slats you will need square steel or wood posts spaced at 2′ (600mm) apart. Steel posts will stay straight for many years keeping the structure straight and true.Wood privacy screens & fencing

Vertical:  If you are using lattice or vertical picket designs use 4″ x 4″ (100mm x 100mm) wood posts spaced at no more than 7′ (2.1m). Rebate timber rails into the back of the posts and fix the pickets to the front of the rails. Rails should be spaced no more than 3′ (900mm) apart and 10″ (200mm) from the end of the pickets. If your fence or screen is higher than 4’6″ (1.3m) you will need to allow for 3 horizontal rails.

Wood privacy screens & fencingDig a footing 12″ x12″ x24″ deep, for each post. Start by concreting the two end posts first then setup a string line along the top of your posts. Concrete the other posts using a level and the string line.

Cut a rebate for your wood rails (usually 3″ x 2″). Cut the rails, joining only at each post and fix into position. Fix the pickets, lattice or panneling into position. Make sure to paint all joins prior to assembly.

All Day fencing - Book online!For more information on horizontal slat screens and fences including suggested wood, designs, installation advice and DIY plans visit

For more information on decorative wood privacy screens including suggested wood, designs, installation advice and DIY plans visit

All Day fencing  - visit our website!Pergolas can enhance the look of your property while providing shade or shelter. A well designed pergola will increase the value of your home while at the same time making your outdoor spaces more usable.

View all designs at our website Pergolas can be left open or be finished with a row of wood battens for shade. You can also fix roofing such as laserlite or colorbond to your pergola. Pergolas come in several designs. The ‘lean to’ pergola is built off the side of your home. Generally a lean to pergola is attached to the house structure. A freestanding pergola is built  to stand on its own and requires bracing. A radial pergola is one that is built in a curve shape with the rafters fanning out from one fixing point. A completely circular pergola is called a gazebo and often contains seating.

Wood pergolas are easy to make and are erected quite quickly.

To design your pergola you need to know what size wood is required to span the area you want. The larger the span, the larger wood is required. Visit our website to view the wood spantables:

All Day Fencing have built and installed many pergolas and have assemled some of the best DIY plans for you to do yourself. All plans come with a step by step guide to building a wood pergola plus footing design, pics, illustration, tips from the experts, materials lists and spantables to get you building in no time!

How to install an auto sliding gateInstall your own automatic sliding gate easily in just one weekend! Install an automatic driveway gate If you are constructing your own gate please download the Gate Construction Guide and DIY Plans at:

Sliding gates require a base for the track to sit on. The base can be constructed out of concrete. Excavate a footing for the concrete 200mm deep and 150mm wide. Lay some reinforcement steel in the trench and concrete to the level required. As concrete shrinks when it sets it is advisable to let the concrete set then bed you track down using a wet mix of sand and cement. Fix the track with concrete approval bolts.

The track must run for the full length of the gate plus the opening length. Sliding gates that are going to be automated should be 16″ (400mm) longer than the opening. This is to allow room for the motor.

How to install an automatic sliding driveway gateWhen construction your gate frame you will need to recess two rollers at the bottom of the frame about 18″ (450mm) in from each end. Inch and a half (40mm) square steel section is advised for the frame with a 6″ x 1.5″ (140mm x 40mm) bottom rail to allow for the rollers and gear rack.  If you intend to fix vertical wood pickets or panels than your frame will need a midrail. If you are fixing horizontal wood slats or boards, you will need vertical members in the frame at around 2′ (600mm) centers. To hold the top of the gate you will require a double roller and bracket setup as shown. Fix the roller bracket to the side fence post above the motor. How to install an auto sliding gate View 100’s of gate designs here…

Several gate motor kits are available. Fix the motor to a concrete pad and position it so the gear wheel faces the gate. Screw the gear rack to the bottom rail of the gate so the gears How to install a sliding auto gateinterlock. Most auto gate systems come with self programming features which enable the motor to learn the start and stop points.

There is no need for a stop or lock a the electric gate motor will hold the gate firmly in position. Most systems are suitable for heavy and light gates up to 350kg and 4.5m wide without a lock or How to install an automatic sliding gateup to 6m with the use of a lock, the gates will slow down at the end of opening/closing operation avoiding loud noises and maximising durability, and, once the gate is closed it How to install an automatice sliding gatecan’t be pushed open by intruders!

Most gate motors come with accessories such as movement sensors, external aerials, keypads etc. To view a common automatic sliding gate setup and wiring options view here:

For more information and/or to view pictures and past projects please visit our website at

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Driveway gates, pedestrian gates, access gates and more!  Build your own decorative wooden gates to match your home!

New decorative timber fencing and gates can transform the appearance of your home, increasing street appeal and sale value. Wood fencing and gates are the economical solution to decorative and secure your home.

Solid Wood Gate by All Day FencingWood gates are easy to build and install!  All materials can be purchased from your local lumberyard.

There are 2 main types of gate construction.The first makes use of a ‘Z’ frame for strength with wood pickets or panelling on the face. The frame can be viewed from the rear of the Z Frame Wood Gategate. ‘Z’ frame gates are cheap and easy to build. The frame can be made from wood or steel depending on the size required. Driveway gates or large gates should have a steel backing frame for added strength. Pedestrian gates, or driveway gates over 1.5m wide should be fitted with a steel backing frame. Peestrian gates that are in high use areas (such as clubs, tennis courts, sportsfield etc) should be constructed with a steel frame.

TheAll Day Fencing & Gates - visit our website second is constructed with solid timber. Solid wooden gates can be curved or made to vitually any shape or pattern required. Solid gates are made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery. You cSolid Wood Gate by All Day Fencingan design and build your own gates from our plans and construction guide.

There are hundreds of gate designs available from Heritage, Californian, Victorian, Contemporary, Ranch and more! Please visit our website to view gate pictures, designs and installation information: Day Fencing - visit our website!

County Swimming Pool LawsCounty Swimming Pool Fence LawsLocal counties control the guidelines and consent for swimming pool fencing. Various materials and designs must comply with county requirements on safety.

Generally, pool fencing and gates must be at least 4′ (1.2m) high from the outside ground level, and can contain no foot holds. Gates must be fitted including approved child safety catches. Vertical picket fences must only have a top and bottom rail and the pickets must be spaced no further apart than 4″ (110mm).
County Swimming Pool Fence Laws
Do I need a pool fence? This used to depend on when your pool was built.

All swimming pools no matter what age MUST have a child-proof and secure pool fence and gate/s.

The fence and gate must be a child resistant pool fence that complies with the local Standard for “Fences and Gates for Swimming Pools”.

Tubular aluminium, treated wood, steel and glass make the best pool fences although any sturdy structure that satifies the conditions and regulations can be used

For more information  and for links to your state swimming pool laws:

Construction Jobs Available Positions VacantPicket Fence with Entrance Arbor
Branch Managers/ Tradesmen/ Trade Managers,
for all states for ongoing work in the fencing and gates industry. Several positions are available now for suitable trades/contractors to register for work in their local area.


Construction & Trade Jobs USAApplicants should be currently self employed in the trades, fencing or building industry, must carry the required insurance/s plus maintain their own tools and transport.

Applicants must be honest, diligent, motivated, must attend all customer enquiries promptly and must abide by the All Day fencing code of conduct.Construction jobs fencing & gates

Established in 1993, our clients include home owners, real estates, property managers, strata managers, developers, builders, landscapers, architects and many other related professionals.

NO Competition, NO Contract, NO Excess Fees, NO Penalty Rates, No Risk!

Construction trade jobs fencing & gatesRegister online now and receive a 30 DAYS TRIAL. If you are successful in your trial 30 day period you will be offered your exclusive trading area to manage permanently. Once your branch is established you can onsell your area as long as the terms and conditions remain for the new owner. As all our branches are given exclusive trading area this offer strictly only applies for areas currently available.
The first step for applicants is to search for your local county to see if the area is available. If available subscribe for a 30 day trial. As there is no contract you may cancel at any time without penalty.
SEARCH AVAILABLE AREAS: trade jobs fencing gates


How high can I build my fence?How high can I build my fence?How high can I build my fencing?

After careful research it seems the height of the fence is limited to 6′ (1.8m). This applies to the side fencing behind the building line and the rear fence. The height of 1.8m is taken from the side of the fence that has the higher ground level.   

The side fence in front of the building line, and the front fence is limited to 4′ (1.2m) in most cases. Some areas have existing fences that exceed these measurements. In this case it is reasonable to assume that you would be allowed to build a fence to the same height as your neighbors, or what is most common in your street.

How high can I build my fence?For side and rear fences various privacy concerns may come into play. If you have a problem with the fence not offering sufficient privacy from neighboring windows you may wish to build your fence higher than 6′. In most cases you can speak to your neighbor and agree on a higher fence to protect the privacy of both parties. Privacy is a two way concern, if you find you have a privacy problem, your neighbor probably feels the same.

If in the event that you cannot agree with your neighbour regarding the fence height the simplest solution is to plant a natural fence or privacy screen using hedging plants. You can also ecourage the growth on top of the fence with trellis or wire supports.

Replacing an existing fence. You do not need to seek prior approval from the local council to replace a fence of the same size and built using similar materials. If you wish to replace a fence with a higher structure you should seek advice from your local council.

View various fence designs and privacy screens here..

Some counties do not allow fencing in front of the building line. This is designed to protect open areas. Please check with your local county authority before proceeding. Check on the guidelines for your local county here…

Build your own Attic Ladder!I designed and built an attic ladder for my home and discovered how easy it is to build and install! I suggest this project to anyone who requires more space in their home!

I have gained a huge storage area that was never available in the home due to the demands of my growing kids! The attic ladder is positioned in the hallway ceiling and can be folded down when Build your own Attic Ladderrequired or up and out of view! I have printed the plans together with a description of the process in easy to follow steps and a list of the materials required.

SAVE heaps and have the pride of doing it yourself! The whole process took me one weekend to build and install the ladder.

You can download the plans (and other handy projects) here…

All Day Fencing - visit our site!Entrance Pergola, ArborBuild a pergola for your home easily with our step by step plans designed for the handyman and tradesman alike!

Choose from radial pergols, lean to pergolas, heritage style pergolas and garden gazebos. Pergolas instantly defines outdoor space, help create shaded areas and improves the looks and value of your home.

Pergola Rafter End CutsAll guides include a detailed list of easy to follow instructions, plus, illustration, suggested materials, tips from the experts and more. Receive up to $50 of extra books including Footing Design, Safety Guide, Tool Care and Spantables, to help you chooseBuild your own pergola the right sized timber for your pergola! only when you purchase online.

INSTANT ACCESS download now and receive your consruction guide and plans by return email. Individual plans and How to build a pergolaguides retail between $14.95 and 29.95 each and are for sale here for under $8! All plans are copyrighted and available only from All Day Fencing.

Other plans include how to build: Attic Ladder, Arbor, Cupboards, Shelving, Garden bridge, Pergolas, Gazebos, Studios, Mezanine floors, Gates, Windows and Doors, Staircases and much more!

Visit our site and view all plans and guides at

All Day Fencing - visit our websiteTree disputes and fencingAre your neighbors trees growing and reducing the amount of light entering your yard? Are the trees starting to take your view? What can you do?

Trees and their location can often cause much disagreement between neighbors. Problems such as overshadowing, privacy,  damage from roots or falling branches can cause issues between neighbors. Where both neighbors agree to retification of the problem and an agreement on costs Tree damages fencecan be reached there is no problem.

Sometimes where a tree is located on the boundary, both owners are equally responsible for the tree and any damage it may cause.

If a tree planted by your neighbor has grown and now threatens to damage property or fencing, you must write to your neighbor informing them of the situation, and request the tree be removed and replaced with a smaller more suitable tree.

Tree shadows my backyardIf your neighbors trees have grown and are now blocking or threatening your views you should first speak with your neighbors and see if you can reach an agreement on height. The plant would then be trimmed and maintained to this height by the owners of the trees. If no agreement can be reached your best action will be through your local government office.

In the event your property is shared with an owners coorporation, managing agents, apartments, villas, townhouses or commercial structures, it is best to advise the registered owners in writing, of the works or rectification work required and any costs involved. If you are not on speaking terms with your neighbor, or the home is tenanted, a well drafted letter informing them of your intentions should be sent to the owners registered address prior to any works.

If your neighbors tree branches overhang your yard you have the rights to trim the branches (at the boundary fence line). The branches belong to the owner of the tree. Place the branches in the owners yard for them to dispose of. It is advisable to speak to your neighbor first stating your intentions. Failing this you can send them a well drafted letter stating your intentions and their responsibilities.

If you have suffered property or fence damage caused from a tree, or a falling tree, a property insurance claim should be lodged by the owner of the tree. Before removing any trees always check with your local government for approval prior to any work.

To help with your negotiations we have drafted a collection of ‘Letters To Serve Your Neighbors RE: TREES’. Print the letters you require for notification, costs and works completed to avoid expensive and stressful neighbor disputes.

For more info visit

All Day Fencing - visit our website!Visit our website!Timber can be treated with many chemicals however the most common is the LOSP (light organic solvent preservative). We use treated (LOSP) and primed timbers in the construction of your gates, arbors or pergolas. The specifications of the timber we use is below:

Primed F7 LOSP KD DAR F/J Treated Pine (H3)
Primed with architectural strength primer.
Structurally Graded F7 or better.
Treated with LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) to hazard level 3 (H3) for external above ground use.
Kiln dried (KD) to maximise stability.
Dressed all round (DAR) for a smooth finish.
Finger jointed (F/J) and laminated.
Usage: external appearance grade structural timber. Used for Gates, balustades, pergolas and all external uses. Primed and ready for painting.

Available Sizes (per foot increments)
88 x 88mm – 4′ x 4′ – 8′ to 20′ (2.4 to 6.0m)
112 x 112mm – 4′ x 4′ – 8′ to 20′ (2.4 to 6.0m)                                                                                                                                                      135 x 135mm – 4′ x 4′ – 8′ to 20′ (2.4 to 6.0m)

Primed F7 LOSP KD DAR F/J Treated Pine Posts (H4)

Primed with architectural strength primer.
Structurally Graded F7 or better.
Treated with LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) to hazard level 3 (H4) for in ground use.
Kiln dried (KD) to maximise stability.
Dressed all round (DAR) for a smooth finish.
Finger jointed (F/J) and laminated.
Usage: external appearance grade structural timber. Used for fence, verandah and pergola posts, primed and ready for painting.

Available Sizes 4′ x 4′ – 8′ to 20′ (2.4 to 6.0m)
Pressure treated wood is wood that has undergone a process to make it more durable so that it is not susceptible to water, rot, termites, or fungus.

If you are looking to build something that will last, consider the advantages of using pressure treated wood. This wood is available at most lumberyards and home improvement centers. Just look for a stamp or tag of approval by the American Wood-Preservers Association</a></b> (AWPA) or the,  American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC).

Are treated timbers dangerous around children?

Generally treated timbers are not dangerous around children. Treated timbers are primarily used for decks, pergolas, fences and gates, power poles and many other outdoor structures.

Treated timbers are not dangerous to children if used in these appplications. However treated timbers should not be used for things like chopping boards where the chemical can contaminate the food. For this reason I would not use treated timbers for childrens play sheds or furnature.

More information on treated timbers can be found at our website

Avoid Neighbor Disputes with these carefully written letters you can download and print.

Avoid Neighbor Disputes!

The answer is Yes.

The question of fences is, surprisingly, such an important one that it warrants its own legislation,

The Dividing Fences Act

Some blocks of land may have their own positive building covenants which require the erection of quite specific fencing. This might occur in a new estate where the developer is trying to achieve a consistent look to the overall design.

Most commonly, a covenant in relation to fencing will be one put on by the developer, stating that the owner can’t ask the developer to contribute to the cost.

Cut and paste the letters you require, print and send!

Cut and paste the letters you require, print and send!

The general rule with dividing fences is that the neighbors split the cost 50/50. If both neighbors can agree on the location, style and cost, then they can simply proceed. It is, however, desirable to record the agreement in writing. 

So, if you are required to have a fence what type of fence is sufficient?

 A “sufficient fence” is:

a fence prescribed by a local government local law;
a fence of any standard agreed upon by adjoining owners provided that it does not fall below the standard  rescribed by the relevant local government local law;
a substantial fence that is ordinarily capable of resisting the trespass of cattle and sheep; or
a fence determined by a Magistrate in a Magistrates Court to be a sufficient fence.
Note: A fence which accords with (c) or (d) is only a sufficient fence where no local law or agreement is made.

Local County Fence Controls

Local County Fence Controls

If you decide to erect a dividing fence of a higher standard than a sufficient fence without obtaining the agreement of the adjoining owner, you may only claim half the cost of erecting and maintaining a sufficient fence, as defined above.

Neighbor disputes over fencing are common. Most stem from poor communication between the neighbors. It is highly advised that the neighbors are informed of every step and where possible have some input into the design, height required or materials used.

The best way to avoid fencing and neighbor disputes is to send a carefully written letter to your neighbor informing them of your intentions and their responsibilities.

You can download a set of Legal letters drafted especially for you to send to your neighbors from the All Day Fencing website:

Letters To Serve Your Neighbors! – just cut and paste the required letters to your computer and send as needed!


Book a FREE quotation online at our website750 Fence and Gate designs!

The Ultimate Guide To Fencing and Gates!

SAVE hundreds and increase the value of your home by designing and building your own decorative fencing and gates. If you are about to build your new fencing and gates, download this guide and save valuable time and money!

Our guide to fences and gates includes designs for timber, steel, glass, brush, stone, Iron and brick fences plus construction information and BONUS FREE guide books for all purchases online!

750 Fence and gate designs covers 400 fence designs and over 350 gate designs ranging from conservative to contemporary, from weird to wonderful!  Designs include Colonial, Californian, Victorian, Heritage, Contemporary, Art Deco, Ranch and much more…


Included FREE with the 750 Fence & Gate Designs is a detailed construction guide for solid Build your own decorative wooden gateswooden gates and incDesign and build your own decorative wood gatesludes step by step instructions, pictures, illustrations, plans and tips frSolid decorative timber gatesom the experts!

Design and build your own decorative wood gates, save money and increase your home value!


Purchase online and receive these FREE bonus guide books, ‘How to build wood paling fences’ and ‘Understanding Footing and Foundations’.

Guide to the construction of wood paling fencesGuide to the construction of Footings & FoundationsBuild your own wooden paling fences easily with this guide book ‘How to build paling fences’. Get tips from the experts that save you time and money on your next boundary fence!
This guide to footing design explains in simple language how to construct footings for decks, pergolas and fences. A must have guide for all home handymen!

Whether your needs are security, sound insulation, wind or fire resistance, All Day Fencing can help with the perfect solution. We cover all states and most counties. Get a FREE estimate on your next fencing project online at


750 Fence and Gate designs also includes FREE extra guidebooks tool care, tool selection and safety manuals. All guides are valued at $19.95 to $29.95 but are included FREE with all online purchases! See our website for more information: www.alldayfencingBonus Guide - Safety First!.com.Bonus Guide - Tool Care, a guide to honing and sharpening toolsBonus Guide - Choose the right tool for every job!

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750 Fence & Gate Designs – The Ultimate Guide To Fencing!

Click here to visit our websiteBuild your own traditional timber picket fencing. 

All Day Fencing manufacture and install custom made traditional timber picket fences and gates. View all designs including Colonial, Californian, Victorian, Federation Contemporary and more at our website: 

Build your own picket fence

Our fences are designed to enhance the look and value of your home! Combine entrance arbors or pergola’s with your picket fencing to give your home a distinctive look and add maximum street appeal.
Picket fencing is available in heights of 900mm 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m. Custom shapes and designs are easy with timber picket fencing.How to build a traditional Wood Picket Fence

Download our guide to picket fence construction to save you time and money on your next project! The guide to constructing picket fences also contains tips from the experts, timber picket designs, suggested materials and suppliers, installation techniques, pictures and more!How to build a wood picket fence 

How to build a wooden picket fence

Recieve FREE bonus guides to footings, wood guide, safety guide, tool guide plus wood spantables to help you choose the right wood everytime!

This construction guide will save you time and money building a traditional wooden picket fence.

Add Value To Your Home with Traditional Picket Fences and Gates!

Slat screen fencing provides privacy while retaining good looks. Available in a range of timbers and sizes,
slat screen fences can be stained or painted. Slat screen panels are ideal for use both as internal and external
features and can be fitted to pergolas, gazebo’s, decks or wherever you might imagine.

Build your own Horizontal Slat Screens, Gates and Fences

DIY Guide to Slat Fences

Slats are available in three common sizes, 42mm 66mm and 92mm wide. Other sizes can be custom made. The most common timbers for slat fencing is the treated and primed timber for painting, and the Western Red Cedar for the natural timber look. If you want to build it yourself please download the ‘Guide To  Slat Screen Fencing’ from our website, The guide includes plans, illustrations, pictures, tips from the experts and an easy to follow step by step guide for handymen and tradesmen alike!


Slat Gates can be lined on one side (single sided) or both sides (double sided). Single sided slat gates are 43mm thick including the frame. Double sided gates are 60mm thick.

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Book a FREE quote online here...Retaining walls may look like simple stacked stone, block, or timber. But in fact, they’re carefully engineered systems that wage an ongoing battle with gravity. They restrain tons of saturated soil that would otherwise slump and slide away from a foundation or damage the surrounding landscape.
Retaining walls are designed to compliment the landscape as well as providing structural strength and drainage solutions.

Download this guide to building and repairing retaining walls!

Retaining Walls Made Easy!


These handsome barriers also make inviting spots to sit, and can increase usable yard space by terracing sloped properties, something that is increasingly important as flat home sites become ever more scarce in many regions.
Along with sloped landscapes where water runoff causes hillside erosion, ideal locations for a retaining wall include spots downhill from soil fault lines and where the downhill side of a foundation is losing supporting soil or its uphill side is under pressure from sliding soil.




Repairing and building retaining walls is simple with the guide book ‘Retaining Walls Made Easy’ available for instant download from

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Fencing and gates can be constructed from many different materials including timber, brick, steel, iron, brushwood, glass, stone even natural planting or prefabricated materials. For some, fences are a matter of art and there are no limitations on the materials or styles that can be used.

Natural Bush Fencing

Natural Bush Fencing

All Day Fencing have published a comprehensive website containing many styles of fencing and gates including, picket fences, panelling, paling fencing, horizontal slat screens and fences, cedar fencing, automatic custom gates and retaining walls.

For those who like to do it themselves we have assembled a range of DIY plans and construction guides. At our website,

Beautiful Timber Horizontal Slat Fencing and Screens

Horizontal Slat Screen

you will also find information on legal requirements for fencing, fence laws, neighbour dispute resolution services, swimming pool fence regulations and much more.

Picket fence incorporating an entrance arbor

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  Whether you needs are decorative, security, sound insulation, retaining, wind or fire protection, All Day Fencing can provide the perfect solution!

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