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All Day Fencing - visit our site for more project plans!Decorative wooden garden bridges make fantastic landscape features. Whether they are located over a stream or a pond, garden bridges offer a tranquil setting for your backyard. Easy to build in 2 days this is the perfect hobbie project for the weekend!

Build a decorative garden bridge!Download plans including a step by step guide to construction, material lists, tips from the experts, pictures and illustrations to get you building in no time!

Our our website you will find a comprehensive range of home projects that we have completed over the past few years. Visit Build your own decorative wood garden bridge!

Construction guides available include how to build: pergolas, staircases, entrance arbor, bookshelves, windows and doors, automatic gates, horizontal slat fencing, retaining walls, huts, gazebos and more! Our plans are copyright and only availabe from our website

Happy Building!!!