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750 Fence and Gate designs!

The Ultimate Guide To Fencing and Gates!

SAVE hundreds and increase the value of your home by designing and building your own decorative fencing and gates. If you are about to build your new fencing and gates, download this guide and save valuable time and money!

Our guide to fences and gates includes designs for timber, steel, glass, brush, stone, Iron and brick fences plus construction information and BONUS FREE guide books for all purchases online!

750 Fence and gate designs covers 400 fence designs and over 350 gate designs ranging from conservative to contemporary, from weird to wonderful!  Designs include Colonial, Californian, Victorian, Heritage, Contemporary, Art Deco, Ranch and much more…


Included FREE with the 750 Fence & Gate Designs is a detailed construction guide for solid

           Build your own decorative wooden gates              Design and build your own decorative wood gates

wooden gates and includes step by step instructions, pictures, illustrations, plans and tips from the experts!

                                Solid decorative timber gates

Design and build your own decorative wood gates, save money and increase your home value!


Purchase online and receive these FREE bonus guide books, ‘How to build wood paling fences’ and ‘Understanding Footing and Foundations’.

Guide to the construction of wood paling fences             Guide to the construction of Footings & Foundations
Build your own wooden paling fences easily with this guide book ‘How to build paling fences’. Get tips from the experts that save you time and money on your next boundary fence!
This guide to footing design explains in simple language how to construct footings for decks, pergolas and fences. A must have guide for all home handymen!

Whether your needs are security, sound insulation, wind or fire resistance, All Day Fencing can help with the perfect solution. We cover all states and most counties. Get a FREE estimate on your next fencing project online at


750 Fence and Gate designs also includes FREE extra guidebooks tool care, tool selection and safety manuals. All guides are valued at $19.95 to $29.95 but are included FREE with all online purchases! See our website for more information:

           Bonus Guide - Safety First!     Bonus Guide - Tool Care, a guide to honing and sharpening tools     Bonus Guide - Choose the right tool for every job!

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750 Fence & Gate Designs – The Ultimate Guide To Fencing!

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Driveway gates, pedestrian gates, access gates and more!  Build your own decorative wooden gates to match your home!

New decorative timber fencing and gates can transform the appearance of your home, increasing street appeal and sale value. Wood fencing and gates are the economical solution to decorative and secure your home.

Solid Wood Gate by All Day FencingWood gates are easy to build and install!  All materials can be purchased from your local lumberyard.

There are 2 main types of gate construction.The first makes use of a ‘Z’ frame for strength with wood pickets or panelling on the face. The frame can be viewed from the rear of the Z Frame Wood Gategate. ‘Z’ frame gates are cheap and easy to build. The frame can be made from wood or steel depending on the size required. Driveway gates or large gates should have a steel backing frame for added strength. Pedestrian gates, or driveway gates over 1.5m wide should be fitted with a steel backing frame. Peestrian gates that are in high use areas (such as clubs, tennis courts, sportsfield etc) should be constructed with a steel frame.

TheAll Day Fencing & Gates - visit our website second is constructed with solid timber. Solid wooden gates can be curved or made to vitually any shape or pattern required. Solid gates are made with traditional mortise and tenon joinery. You cSolid Wood Gate by All Day Fencingan design and build your own gates from our plans and construction guide.

There are hundreds of gate designs available from Heritage, Californian, Victorian, Contemporary, Ranch and more! Please visit our website to view gate pictures, designs and installation information: Day Fencing - visit our website!