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All Day Fencing -visit our website!That depends on the look you want. Cedar has spectacular grain and when oiled or varnished it becomes a real feature. If you have cedar garage doors you may choose to match them with your fencing and gates.  Cedar is light, durable and beautiful! Ceadr fences and gates need to be oiled regularly or stained at least every 5 years. More if the fence and gates are exposed to the sun.

For lookCedar oil finishs, you can’t go past cedar but if you intend to paint your fencing and gates then treated wood is the best material.Cedar Screen

Treated wood is supplied dressed and primed ready for construction. With the increasing cost of quality durable timber, builders are rng more on pre-primed, LOSP-treated pine for exterior applications.

LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) consists of preservatives dissolved in solvent and impregnated into the timber to prevent rotting, giving the timber durability in above-ground exterior Gate made from treated woodapplications. LOSP pre-priming is designed to temporarily protect the timber from weather and UV degradation, as well as soiling during construction.LOSP treated wood information

LOSP pre-primed timber, by its appearance or by the description given to it by persons handling it, is often mistaken for properly primed timber ready for top-coating. LOSP pre-primers should not be confused with premium architectural primers which are crucial to the durability of a complete coating system.

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