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It's a fence, not a kitchen!The construction of fencing and gates involves the use of water resistant timbers. Most fencing and gates are constructed from Hardwood or Treated Wood.

Fencing is designed to be quick and easy to install and the materials are designed to be inexpensive. This is because most fences are quite large and need to be erected quickly.

For these reasons fencing woods are often prone to expansion and contraction due to exposure to the elements. The timbers used are sufficiently treated or primed to last a long time outdoors, however it does come at a cost!

It's a fence, not a kitchen!Wood used for fencing is often sawn (rough grade) and is farmed with a short turnaround of about 7 years. The finish is not as smooth as seasoned lumber and therefore cannot be finished to the same degree as you would expect in your kitchen!

It is not advisable to sand treated timbers as this just releases a fine sawdust into the air where it can be inhaled.
For those who like to D.I.Y. we have assembled construction guides for all styles of fencing gates and retaining walls.



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