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Sound Absorbant FencingWhat is the best fencing material to reduce noise?

Noise reduction fencing stylesTodays most common cause of neighbourhood disputes stem from inappropriate sound, (noise). The most efficient material to reduce sound levels will depend upon the frequency of the sounds.

A common misunderstanding is that the more solid the fence the more sound it will stop. Sound waves vary in length, the higher the note the shorter the wavelength of that note, or, the lower the note, the longer the wavelength.

To best way to reduce sound levels is by using a mixture of materials in the design allowing for the absorption and reflection of all of the sound waves. A solid brick fence or similar will reflect high frequency sounds but transmits low-frequency sounds.

Sound absorbing fence materialsA fence made of natural planting combined with a brick, stone or block fence will absorb and reflect the broadest range of frequencies.

Naturally the higher the fence the better. A lot of sounds pass over the top of the fence. For this reason the higher the fence the better the sound resistance.

Brick walls reflect many frequencies, so if your home and fencing is constructed from brick you may have  a lot of reflective noise (echo) contained within the walls. The best way to combat this problem is with the planting of dense shrubs within the fencing, between your home and the fence.

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