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All Day Fencing - visit our website!Build a decorative wooden awning for the windows around your home. Awnings can provide shade from the summer sun or privacy from overlooking properties!

Made from wood available from your local lumberyard, this wood awning is easy to build and install. I built one above my BBQ to protect the cooking during light showers. I built a similar one for my rear windows which face the sun, The awning shade my window in summer but in winter, when the sun is lower, still allows plenty of light to enter. Build your own wood awning

They also look great and have improved the look of my home, and possibly the value!

The construction guide comes with plans, illustrations, pictures, tips for construction and suggested materials. You can cover the top with clear roofing or shingles! Easy to follow step by step guiBuild your own wood awningde designed for the tradesman and handyman alike!

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