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Compare All Fence Styles  Fence Comparison Chart

View the various qualities of fencing styles, including; Wind protection, Fire resistance, Sound damping, Strength, Security, Aesthetics and Durability!

Compare Fence Qualities: Fire, Sound, Security, Cost, Durability, StrengthCompare Fence Qualities: Fire, Sound, Security, Cost, Durability, StrengthCompare Fence Qualities: Fire, Sound, Security, Cost, Durability, StrengthCompare Fence Qualities: Fire, Sound, Security, Cost, Durability, Strength





All Day Fencing have assembled the Fence Comparison Chart to help clients choose the right style of fencing for their property. Have you considered all the options. A well designed and build fence is capable of much more than a simple divider.

Fencing can improve the look of your property and even increase your home value. Fencing is an ecoBook a FREE estimate online!nomical way to dress up your home or cure problems such as sound, privacy, security and more.

The Fence Comparison Chart compares 12 different but common styles of fencing used in most residential applications. Do you receive lots of road noise, is your home near a fire zone? Do you want to improve the look of your home or is your concern mainly security?

With our chart you can compare the benefits and shortfalls of the fencing you require and choose the right fence first time!

Contact your local All Day Fencing branch for a FREE estimate on your fencing requirements.


All Day Fencing - visit our website! Fencing & Gates Cost Comparison Chart, compare all fencing styles for all states.

Compare and Save! Choose the right fence every time!

View a fencing cost comparison chart here:, The chart shows most of the common fence styles and costs per yard. View the per yard costs for most styles before you start your next fencing project!

To view designs, project photos and to contact your nearest branch please visit;

Fencing and gates can be constructed from many different materials including timber, brick, steel, iron, brushwood, glass, stone even natural planting or prefabricated materials. For some, fences are a matter of art and there are no limitations on the materials or styles that can be used!Fence Cost Comparison Chart

Some fencing styles such as stone, retaining walls or feature timber fencing can add considerable value to your home. Replacing your fencing with feature fences and gates can transform your property.

Other cheaper styles of dividing fences add nothing or even reduce the value of your home. Before you choose our preferred fencing style view this fencing cost comparison chart  and see what alternative styles you could use.



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